An elderly female patient walking arm in arm with a female health care worker. Both are smiling
graphic illustration of a doctor pointing at a holographic image on the brain
A female health-care worker standing behind a female elderly patient who is in a wheelchair. They are smiling at each other

Welcome to the PRESTIGE-AF project. PRESTIGE-AF is a 6,9 million euro project to optimise stroke prevention in patients that have experienced bleeding in the brain.

About us


Stroke is one of the largest public health challenges around the world and occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted, such as through a clot or a brain bleed.

It is the most common cause of adult-acquired disability, the second leading cause of death globally and the second most frequent cause of dementia. In addition, as stroke is a disease of the elderly, its impact is expected to further increase in the coming decades due to the ageing population.

At the core of the PRESTIGE-AF project will be a clinical trial to gather evidence around recommended medication for stroke prevention in patients with Atrial Fibrillation.

A number of sub-studies will explore individual predictive risk modelling using brain imaging, genetic testing and other biological markers.

Other aspects of the project will include exploring cognitive and psychological factors and drug adherence in these patients.

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