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North Denmark Region

Aalborg University Hospital is the largest hospital in the North Denmark Region. The Hospital handles highly specialised regional functions for approximately 640,000 inhabitants, regional functions for approximately 490,000 inhabitants and basic hospital functions, except for certain elective procedures, for approximately 250,000 inhabitants.

Aalborg Thrombosis Research Unit (ATRU) was established as a Research Center in 2012 with support from the Obel Family Foundation and The Northern Region of Denmark. ATRU is headed by associate professor Torben Bjerregaard Larsen. Main research topics relates to basic and clinical aspects of thrombosis and vascular diseases, and to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

The center supports networking and collaboration across clinical departments and units, and covers all aspects of cardiovascular research, including research in epidemiology, statistics, and pharmacovigilance. ATRU is an inter-disciplinary, international center with a scientific staff working within medicine, epidemiology, statistics, engineering, and economics.

Role in the project

ATRU will lead the investigations of translating trial data into real life settings in the PRESTIGE-AF project.

The work package (WP 8) lead by ATRU has the main objective to provide clinical guidance for AF patients who survives an ICH event in terms of risk stratification and choice of antithrombotic treatment. The work package will validate the clinical trial outputs in real life data using observational data from Caucasian and Asian populations. Currently, it remains unknown if the recommendations in contemporary guidelines are applicable to the post-ICH AF population.

It is also unknown if the predictive ability of the scoring system is maintained. These are some of the aspects covered in the PRESTIGE-AF project.

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North Denmark Region

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Assoc. Prof. Peter Brønnum Nielsen, PhD, Primary Investigator

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