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Imperial College London

Consistently rated amongst the world’s best universities, Imperial College London is a science- based institution with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research that attracts 14,000 students and 6,000 staff of the highest international quality. The Department of Stroke Medicine at Imperial College represents an integrated clinical and research structure that is dedicated to support clinical and translational research in acute stroke and stroke prevention. It is embedded in the Division of Brain Sciences at Imperial College London.

Imperial’s Research Impact Management Office (RIMO) is a specialist team with project and communications expertise who support major international research collaborations. From financial and consortium management to communication plans and engagement events, the team provide a robust service to ensure academics can focus on the research.

Role in the project

Prof. Roland Veltkamp and the Stroke Research group at Imperial College London are the PRESTIGE-AF scientific consortium coordinator and clinical trial coordinator, respectively.

Imperial’s Research Impact Management Office (RIMO) are the leads on consortium management and the consortium’s Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation activities.

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Imperial College London

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Prof Roland Veltkamp

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