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Stroke Alliance for Europe

SAFE is the leading European network of stroke support organisations. It was launched in October 2004 and was born out of a strategic workshop held in the European Parliament in June 2003 which led to a declaration calling upon the European Union and its Member States to tackle stroke as a preventable catastrophe.

SAFE is a non-profit making organization and has 30 member organisations spread over 25 countries. It represents a range of patient groups whose mutual goals include driving stroke prevention up the European political agenda, supporting stroke research and the prevention of stroke through improved education.

SAFE is therefore an umbrella organisation that combines its members’ resources and strategy across Europe and serves as a role model for the World Stroke Organisation in establishing stroke support organisations on a global level.

SAFE is actively engaged in campaigning, education and research, all of which contribute to the advancement of stroke prevention, acute treatment, and the improvement of the quality of life of stroke survivors, their families and caretakers.

Role in the project

SAFE will contribute to W11 “Dissemination-Health Policies-Stakeholder Engagement-
Exploitation” in which it will primarily have responsibility for multi-channel communication of the project via outreach to all patient representative bodies and the relevant wider public in the
European stroke community.

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Stroke Alliance for Europe

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Gary Randall, European Research Manager, SAFE

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