graphic illustration of a doctor pointing at a holographic image on the brain

PRESTIGE-AF’s kick-off meeting at Imperial College London

Following the successful bid for funding from the European Commission, the PRESTIGE-AF Consortium members came together for the project’s kick-off meeting which took place on Wednesday 6th December 2017 and hosted by Imperial College London.

Representatives from each of the project’s partner institutions travelled to London to attend the first annual meeting of this exciting new initiative, which aims to help prevent stroke in patients with existing conditions.

Held at the historic Royal Geographical Society, some of the world’s leading experts began discussions centred on the design and delivery of the first steps to begin their research to achieve the project goals.

Our Principal Investigator Professor Roland Veltkamp said: “Prevention of stroke is challenging in vulnerable stroke patients with multiple disorders and interacting risks. It’s this complexity that makes it difficult to work out the best individual preventive strategy for a particular patient. Working with our international partners through the PRESTIGE-AF initiative we hope to tackle some of the unmet needs of these patients and develop more personalised treatments. Prevention is key, and ultimately we aim to prevent stroke and the impact it has on patients’ lives.”

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